Lack of maintenance

We’ll reduce your rent to make the landlord fix defects

Anything that harms your living comfort is considered to be a defect / maintenance deficiency. Landlords are obliged to fix all defects in your house. If there is a lack of maintenance in your accommodation, you should notify your landlord about these problems as soon as possible; send your landlord an email, a text message or a (registered) letter. You can also call your landlord, but calling doesn’t give you a proof of mentioning the problem to your landlord so we advise you not to use the phone. For urgent matters use the phone as well as one of the three other options.

Once you have notified your landlord about the defects, your landlord has six weeks time to repair the issue. If your landlord fails to (sufficiently) repair the problems in your house within this term, you have the right to get a reduction on your basic rental price. By reducing your rent we’ll put pressure on the landlord to tackle the problems. As soon as the defects are repaired, the rent will be raised to the original amount.

There are of course also defects that cannot wait six weeks (such as leakage or a central heating system that has stopped working). For these problems, we advise you to read our blog about the other legal possibilities that you as a tenant have in case your landlord fails to repair the problems in your house.

Make an appointment

Frently can help you to reduce your basic rental price based on the presence of defects. Make an appointment for a free of charge consult if you have maintenance problems in your house.

Most common defects are:

– Fungus / mould / mildew
– A door lock is missing / the door cannot be locked
– Leakage
– A door or window cannot be closed or opened
– No doorbell
– Draft nuisance
– Wood rot
– Odor nuisance
– Insufficient ventilation possibilities
– A banister is missing
– The floor is crooked
– The barn has collapsed
– A sink is leaking
– A tread is missing or broken
– Cracks in the ceiling or walls

An example

The ceiling of Maarten´s bathroom is covered with a grey layer of mildew. Maarten has already sent an email to the landlord, but after six weeks the landlord still hasn’t taken any action.

The presence of mildew is considered a serious defect and usually leads to a reduction to 40% of the rent. From the first day of the month that Maarten has reported the defect to the landlord, his rent will be reduced to 40% of the rent. Maarten pays a rent of € 400,- per month. This means that for the duration that the defect persists Maarten only has to pay € 160,- per month.

Are there any defects in your house? Don’t hesitate to make an appointment for a rent check at your home. An appointment is free of charge.

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