How do I terminate my rental contract?

Make sure to terminate your contract the right way to avoid problems!

How do I terminate my rental contract in the Netherlands?

What if you want to move to another house? What about the termination of my rental contract? Can you just end your rental contract and what are the conditions required for termination?

There are a number of conditions that must be met in order to terminate a rental contract. These conditions depend on the type of accommodation you live in: an independent or a non-independent accommodation. These conditions also depend on the type of the contract you have and how many people are mentioned on the contract. Below you’ll find a list of these conditions.

The termination notice to end a rental contract

By law the period of notice always ends on the same day payment of the rent is agreed upon. Therefore, you should terminate your rental contract per the 1st day of the month. Some rental contracts state you can also terminate your contract on a different day of the month. If you pay rent every month (rather than every two or more months) then the period of notice is one full calendar month.  This period is determined by law and it is not allowed to add a clause to the contract that conflicts with that. In other words: even if your rental contract states that the period of notice is two (or more) months, if you pay rent every month you will only have one month notice. The only exception to this is if you pay rent every two or three months. In that case, the period of notice is two, respectively three months. A period of notice of more than three months is not allowed.

Terminate your contract by registered letter

Legally, the termination of the rental contract must be done by registered letter. This means that you send the notice through the post office. In many cases landlords do not answer if you do this via regular mail or e-mail. In such cases, it’s important to make sure you receive a response in which the landlord confirms receipt of your notice. If, later on, your landlord denies having received your notice, it is up to you to prove that you have terminated the lease.

Even if your lease states that the period of notice is two months, it will still be only one month if you pay rent monthly

Joint tenancy contract

If you share a rental contract with your roommates and you want to move, you have to arrange a new tenant yourself. You cannot just terminate your part of the lease (because there is no “your part”, you rent the whole house). Because there are more people on the contract, you can only terminate the agreement together. If all the tenants want to move at the same time, the landlord is responsible for finding new tenants.

Early termination of the rental contract

If you signed a contract for a year, it is important to determine whether or not the contract states early termination is possible. If it says that this is not possible, you can only terminate the contract after the 12 months have expired.

A rental agreement for a year should also be terminated

It is important to remember that when you entered into a contract for a specific period of time – for instance from June 1st 2019 to May 31st, 2019 – and you want the agreement to end on May 31st, 2019, you still have to terminate the contract with notice of a full calendar month. If you do not do so, the contract for a specific period of time is automatically converted to a contract for indefinite period of time. The result is that the termination will take place a month later.

Template letter to terminate the rent

You use this letter to terminate your rental contract. Make sure you keep a copy for your own administration and that you safely keep the receipt of registered letter.

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2 Responses

  1. Rios


    I live with an aquaintance but we have been having some trouble lately and i want to move out. We share the rent (contract) if i want to move out and this person wouldn’t want to pay for the flat and wouldn’t allow me to sign a tenant (maybe being nasty to them) what could i do to get out?

    1. Denise Zonnebeld

      Dear Rios,

      If you live with someone else and you share one contract for the whole apartment, both of you are considered ‘one tenant’. It is only possible for the both of you to end the rental agreement at the same time (unless of course the landlord and your acquaintance agree with you being fired from your rights and obligations).

      The only option I see here is to talk about this issue with your acquaintance and the landlord.

      Good luck!

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