Reclaim your deposit

We can reclaim your deposit

At the start of your rental contract, you usually pay a deposit to your landlord. This sum will be returned to you at the end of your contract if you leave the room in good condition. The deposit should be paid back within a term of three months after the end of your rental agreement, or within the term mentioned in your contract. A landlord is only allowed to withhold the deposit if he can prove that you did not leave the room in the same situation as you had received it when moving in.

Beware! If no inspection report was made between you and the landlord at the start of your rental contract, it’s up to the landlord to prove that you left the house in a worse condition. Also, if your landlord is of the opinion that you did not leave the accommodation in a good condition, he should give you the opportunity to fix the situation yourself first, before making any costs himself.

An example

David has paid a deposit of € 800.- to his landlord. He terminates the rent in a timely and proper manner and hands over the keys on the last day of the lease. After three months David still has not received his full deposit. The landlord only returns € 300.-. According to the landlord David did not leave the room in a clean state and the landlord was forced to make costs for the cleaning of the property.

David and his landlord disagree about the question whether or not the room was left in a good condition. David says he did, the landlord says he did not. Since no inspection report was made at the start of the lease, the landlord has to prove the state the room was in at the start of the lease. Since the landlord cannot prove this without an inspection report, he has to return the remaining € 500.- of the deposit to David.

If your landlord did not pay back your deposit, contact us and we will reclaim it for you!

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