Reclaim the agency fee

Did you pay an agency fee?

A broker is not allowed to charge any costs to a tenant. Yet you often have to pay, because otherwise you will not get the house. Reclaim the costs that you have paid to your broker via Frently.

If you’re renting a house in the Netherlands, you don’t need to pay an agency fee to the broker who offered the accommodation to you. The reason behind this rule is that the broker is already working for the landlord. The law decides a broker is not allowed to charge the tenant if he’s already done work for the landlord.

Agencies tend to be reallly creative when it comes to the names they give to the fee they are charging. The following costs are considered to be an illegal agency fee: ‘bemiddelingskosten’, ‘administratiekosten’, ‘bezichtigingskosten’, ‘inschrijfkosten’, ‘courtage’, ‘vergoeding’ (and many more).

If you have paid a fee to the agency contact us and we will reclaim it for you!

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