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Frently; The Rental Law Consultancy in Groningen
Who is Frently?

Frently is the Rental Law Consultancy in Groningen. Frently represents tenants in the city of Groningen in their fight against unfair rental prices. You can address us for any kind of rental issues.

Since 2010 Frently successfully finished over 5000 cases. Most of them were connected to reducing the basic rent or to reclaiming unlawfully paid service costs. Our team currently consists of highly motivated legal professionals who are happy to help you solve whatever problem or question you have.

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A unique concept

What makes Frently unique, is the commitment of her team, the accessibility and above all the costs of legal aid. An appointment is free of charge and at Frently you only pay after a succesful repayment or reduction.

Frently works with a system in which the compensation of our services is linked to the result of a case.

8245 General Rental Advices
2537 Rent Checks
2057 Successful Rent Reductions
2681 Successful Service Costs Procedures
231 Successfully Reclaimed Deposits
70 Successfully Reclaimed Agency Fees

How it all started...

It all started in 2010, when founder Denise Zonnebeld had a dispute with her own landlord. She was renting an 8 m2 room for a monthly fee of 300 euros. She figured this amount might be too high. Then she started investigating the Dutch rental prices law. Based on these rules, Denise’s room was supposed to cost only 200 euros. On top of that, her landlord refused to repair the defects in her house, so her rental price was reduced to only 35 euros per month.

When her friends found out about the reduction, they asked Denise if she could do the same for their rental prices. Then also friends of her friends started to contact Zonnebeld, which is how ‘Bekijk het!’ was born in 2010; a Rental Law Consultancy operating in the city of Groningen for people experiencing the same problems.

Because of the growing number of international students who needed help with their rental problems, and who obviously struggled to pronounce the Dutch name ‘Bekijk het!’, the company changed it’s name in 2014. If you look at our logo closely, you will see the name comes from merging friendly and rent into the carefully chosen name; ‘Frently’.

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