10 Tips and tricks for a small student room

How can I organize my student room efficiently?

10 Tips and tricks for a small student room

You often start your student time in a box of three by three square meters. Very small, most students will think. But by organizing your room smartly, you can easily fit in a desk, double bed and even a dining table. Read my 10 tips below to use the space as efficiently as possible.

#1 The loft bed

Indispensable in every small student room. Under a loft bed there is enough space for a couch, a desk or even a walk-in closet.

#2 Use the space above your door as a storage space

The space above your door usually remains unused. But at this place you can store books, towels or clothing. Do you also have a loft bed? Use the ladder of your loft bed to get to the stored things above your door.

#3 A Murphy Bed

The Murphy bed, a cupboard that turns into a double bed, is a fantastic space saver. This genius idea has been around since 1900 and surprisingly it’s not used very often in the Netherlands. Maybe this is something for you?

#4 Use light and neutral colors

Avoid the use of dark colors in your room. By using dark colors your room looks even smaller. Instead, choose soft, neutral colors and paint the ceiling in a lighter shade than the color of your walls.

#5 A foldable table or desk

A dining table or desk that can be folded at the moment you don’t need it, is indispensable in every small space. And have you ever thought about a foldable laundry rack?

#6 Tables and chairs that fit into a cupboard

Go look for furniture that fits together. Or maybe you are or do you know someone who is handy? A fantastic example of one space-saving piece of furniture is the bookcase where four chairs and two tables fit into eachother.

#7 Use the space under your bed

Your bed is a great place for hiding your winter clothes, your duvet cover or those old study books that you do not need every day. Most furniture stores sell handy deep drawers. At Ikea you will find a set of drawers for just a few bucks.

#8 The sofa bed

For student rooms with a low ceiling, the sofa bed is an excellent alternative for the loft bed. There are infinitely many opportunities; sofa beds for one person or for two persons, foldable sofa beds and even sofas that you can transform into a bunk bed.

#9 Turn your window sill into a couch

Do you have a wide window sill? Throw in some pillows and widen your window sill with an extra shelf if necessary. Ideal to chill out during a sunny day! If you want to take full advantage of the situation, use the space under your window sill as a cupboard space.

#10 Store your cleaning items practically

Use the back of the door of a cupboard to store cleaning stuff. You can easily organize your things with, for example, chair organizers from a car or with a tent organizer. Checkout https://vamoola.co.uk for financial needs.

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